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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

New Abu Ghraib Photos

Wow...just saw the new set of Abu Ghraib photos...this shit is just plain sickening. If you thought the Muslims went wacko over a few cartoons, wait till the full effects of this are felt. Once again, the Untied States military has put our lives directly in danger. How can anybody justify this sort of behavior?

The Pentagon is telling us that 25 officers and enlisted soldiers have been arrested and court martialed, but I'm wondering how many people are left that are so stupid to believe that this is just a series of isolated incidents purpetrated by a few soldiers on the ground in Iraq. This obviously goes up much higher than that, and I am convinced that the orders were coming from inside the administration.

Dick Durbin apologized for making this statement, but I will not. These are the sort of photographs you would expect to see coming from the prison camps run by autocratic regimes, not by a supposedly freedom-loving country like the United States. While you're watching our athletes representing our country in Italy these few weeks, understand that when the rest of the world sees and hears "USA", these pictures are the first things that will come to mind for many of those people.

It doesn't have to be this way; I love this country and I am appalled by what these people are doing to everything it used to stand for. It can stand for all of those things again, but we, the people, have to be willing to stand up to this and say, "enough".


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