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Sunday, October 02, 2005

College Ball Recap

The Crimson Tide is back. But more on that later...

Blow-outs ruled the day yesterday. Some were expected, some were not. Here is the recap of the top 5 games...

In the number 5 game, Michigan defeated Michigan State in overtime. This loss knocks Michigan State out of the National Championship picture, as well as mucks up the Big Ten standings. As for Michigan, this is the type of win which can turn around a season, if they let it. With 2 losses, a National Championship is out of the question, but they could still win the Big Ten.

Nebraska won a thriller over Iowa State in Lincoln. Kansas State and Colorado could each have something to say about it, but right now the Huskers are in the driver's seat to win the Big 12 North. Also, they're undefeated, but not impressively so. Iowa State now needs help to win the division, and their National Championship dreams are pretty much done.

Southern California has found an interesting way to challenge themselves...they let their opponents beat up on them for a half, then come roaring back. This time they were down 21-3 at the break, and ended up winning 38-28. Despite poor performances in the first halves of consecutive games, this So Cal team is the real deal (like they need me to say that).

Notre Dame pantsed Purdue. Whoa... This would be a top 5 team right now if it weren't for that loss vs. Michigan State. As it is, the Irish are looking at a big game with Southern California in a couple weeks that would definately get them back in the National Championship picture if they won.

The Irish aren't the only once dominant team that's thinking National Championship after a blowout of a good team. The Crimson Tide of Alabama whooped it up against the Florida Gators, 31-3. For Florida, this probably puts the National Championship out of reach, but they still control their destiny in the SEC East. Revenge in the SEC Championship Game? They better hope so...

Undefeateds not yet mentioned: Baylor lost to Texas A&M in overtime; California drubbed Arizona; UCLA got a game from Washington, but prevailed; Florida State trounced Syracuse; Georgia had the week off; Wsiconsin beat Indiana in a battle of the undefeateds; it was also a battle of the undefeateds as Texas Tech beat Kansas; Kansas State fell to Oklahoma; Minnesota got crushed by Penn State (yet another battle of the undefeateds); Oklahoma State got beaten down by Colorado; Texas beat the crap out of Missouri; Texas El Paso lost at the hands of Memphis; Toledo fell Tuesday night to the Bulldogs of Fresno State; Vanderbilt lost to Middle Tennessee State (yes, Middle Tennessee State); Virginia lost to the Maryland Terrapins in a shoot-out; Virginia Tech took out West Virginia, in one more battle of then-undefeated teams; and Washington State lost to the Beavers of Oregon State.

So, for those of you paying attention, the remaining undefeated teams (and their next week's opponents in parenthesis) are:

Alabama (Idle)
California (@ California Los Angeles)
California Los Angeles (vs. California)
Florida State (vs. Wake Forest)
Georgia (@ Tennessee)
Nebraska (vs. Texas Tech)
Penn State (vs. Ohio State)
Southern California (vs. Arizona)
Texas (vs. Oklahoma at Dallas)
Texas Tech (@ Nebraska)
Virginia Tech (vs. Marshall)
Wisconsin (@ Northwestern)

My new Top 25 when I do next week's preview tomorrow. Till then, P&L...


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