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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Southwest Airlines & College Football

Well, I just got back from a four-day trip to Massachusetts to visit my sister & cousins and I had a hell of a time. During my stay, my sister and I talked about a variety of subjects, and this blog came up. She told me that I sounded too angry, all the time, here. In so many words, she told me that I write too many "Fuck You" Entries.

This is a legitimate point. When I get angry about something, this is usually where I come to vent. And this blog is called Da Scent (sounds like "dissent") for a reason. I represent a voice that is often marginalized, even attacked, in today's politics. Push me, I push back, and the best way I know how is with profanity-laced tirades. I write these tirades in the second person because it helps me vent if I imagine I'm talking to whomever is the object of my wrath, but I can see how that would also make the people who read this uncomfortable, because it appears as if I'm yelling at them, which is not (always) the case.

Anyway, the point is I saw something on Friday before I left that upset me a great deal, and had I not had this discussion with Kait, this would definately be another "Fuck You" Entry, and more intense than usual because it would actually be directed at someone who might read this. However, at my sister's request, I will put that column aside for another day, maybe after I've calmed down a little bit towards this person (I mean it, I'm really upset), and can write a more rational, and less profane, response, maybe saving a friendship in the process. Instead, I am going to write about two things which made me happy this weekend, specifically my experience with Southwest Airlines on Friday and the spectacular opening weekend of College Football.

First, if anyone wants to fly anywhere, and you don't have a dog you have to bring, Southwest is the only way to go. Not only are their prices the best by a long bit, but I just had a wonderful experience with their service. When I dragged myself to the airport on Firday, I got their and realized that I didn't have my wallet. I would have to go all the way back to Pasadena to get it, and then get back to the airport (big thank you to Jeff, btw, who picked me up, drove me back to Pasadena, then back to the airport, a 90-120 minute trip on his part, since he aso had to get to the airport and drive back to Pasadena himself). Anyway, I had to change flight times, and still arrived at the airport a mere half-hour before my flight. But thanks to everyone I talked to at Southwest, including the woman at the service desk, whose name tragically escapes me, I was able to get on the 5:30 flight no problem and with no extra expense. SWA is truly a first-class organization, discount fares and all.

As for college football, wow what a way to kick off the season. Opening weekend, like the rest of the pre-conference schedule, is usually a down time for college ball, because you have big boys beating up on little schools. And while there was some of that, Texas beating up Louisiana Lafayette 60-3 for example, there were also several instances where the games were plenty exciting, including some games that were not supposed to be.

The biggest shocker of the weekend, of course, was tiny Texas Christian University shocking the big boys of Oklahoma 17-10 in Norman. While you would be correct to assume that I would hesitate to cheer for any team with both "Texas" and "Christian" in the title, I'm always ready for a big time upset, especially when it involves Oklahoma going down.

Some of the other games that I got a kick out of watching on TV were Illinois's OT victory over Rutgers, Utah's win over Arizona, Colorado's win over in-state rival Colorado State, Georgia Tech's upset victory at Auburn, West Vriginia winning at Syracuse, Louisville holding on against a Kentucky squad that was not supposed to compete, Virginia Tech avengeing last year's loss at NC State, and Mississippi outlasting a Memphis team that lost their starting QB in the first series to a broken leg yet managed to hang in until the game's final minute. There were a number of close games I did not see on TV, including Tennessee over Alabama-Birmingham 17-10, and Maryland's 3 point victory over Navy.

Ironically, the game that most dissapointed me was Florida State/Miami. True, the game was close, but the two football teams looked, well, bad. I mean, I was simply not impressed with either squad. Bungled snaps, poor kicking, dropped passes, dropped interceptions, special teams breakdowns (other then all the missed FGs), all plagued the contest. To give an exampe of how bad it was, at one point Florida State blocked a punt, and recovered it at Miami's 2 yard line. They then proceeded to go backwards 8 yards before missing a 27-yard FG, and that was the team that ended up winning. So it was pretty bad. Neither team would have beaten either NC State or Virginia Tech, who played a hell of a game the night before.

Anyway, it was a heck of a weekend, and on Thursday night pro ball kicks off. I'll wriet my pro ball preview tommorow evening, after my fantasy draft. Till then...



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