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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

College Football Addendum II: My Top 25

Well, if it's not too early to be listing the undefeated schools, then it isn't too early to come out with my version of the Top 25, either. So here it is, along with what they're up to this week:

1. Southern California (@ Arizona State)
2. Texas (@ Missouri)
3. Virginia Tech (@ West Virginia)
4. Florida (@ Alabama)
5. Georgia (Idle)
6. Alabama (vs. Florida)
7. California Los Angeles (vs. Washington)
8. Iowa State (@ Nebraska)
9. Michigan State (vs. Michigan)
10. California (vs. Arizona)
11. Ohio State (Idle)
12. Minnesota (@ Penn State)
13. Florida State (vs. Syracuse)
14. Oklahoma State (vs. Colorado)
15. Texas Tech (vs. Kansas)
16. West Virginia (vs. Virginia Tech)
17. Nebraksa (vs. Iowa State)
18. Kansas State (@ Oklahoma)
19. Washington State (@ Oregon State)
20. Tennessee (vs. Mississippi)
21. Arizona State (vs. Southern California)
22. Notre Dame (@ Purdue)
23. Purdue (vs. Notre Dame)
24. Louisiana State (vs. Mississippi State)
25. Texas El Paso (@ Memphis)


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