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Sunday, September 18, 2005

College Ball Wrap-up

Wow...what a day yesterday was. I was getting a good omen when Utah/Texas Christian and Houston/Texas El Paso, which were played on Thursday and Friday Night, respectively, were both superior games. But I had no idea that Saturday was going to be so good:

Notre Dame erased a three-touchdown defecit only to lose in overtime. Also losing in the extra session was Clemson, to Miami of Florida. Oklahoma got absolutely trounced by UCLA, which should lead to the school falling out of the rankings entirely, but the media loves to overrate the Big 12, especially the Big 12 South, so it wouldn't suprise me if I saw that they were still there (polls will be out later today - I'd post them here but I consider the polls to be largely irrelevant at this point in the season). Boston College made Florida State work for it, but they came through late with a come-from-behind victory to reestablish themselves as the premeire team in that division. After coming very close to knocking off (an overrated?) Georgia last week, Steve Spurrier's Gamecocks got the thumping the Bulldogs wanted to give them, but they got it from the Crimson Tide. Don't look now, but Alabama is undefeated and should be 4-0 when they host the Gators in two weeks. My number 1 game of the week was a little less dramatic than some of the overtime games, but Florida played some inspired ball to beat Tennessee at home, possibly establishing themselves as the best team in that division (they still have to get through Georgia, of course). With Florida, LSU, Georgia, and now possibly Alabama looking real good early, this should become one hell of a good season in the SEC this year. Of course, it's almost always a good season in the SEC, but still...

Not much on the upset front (although some would call UCLA dismantling Oklahoma an upset, but Vegas had UCLA by 7 - here's guessing a lot of angry Oklahoma fans lost their shirts betting that there was no way those California kids would beat their Sooners by more than a TD). Division 1-AA California Davis got a win over Stanford, which should pretty much make those players happy for the rest of their lives, beating a Pac 10 team, albeit not a very good one. Michigan State beating Notre Dame qualifies as an upset, but other than those three games, the weekend went pretty much according to plan, although the games were exciting.

On the National Championship Front, Notre Dame fell out of the picture at least temporarily with their loss to Michigan State (by temporarily I mean at least until November, and even then things would have to go exceptionally well for them to get back into it - they still have a game with Southern California left, so you can't discount them completely). Tennessee took a huge hit - it would now take Florida losing twice for them to win the division. The faint hopes of Boston College and CLemson were both pretty much extinguished, as was what was left of Oklahoma's bid to make three National Championship Games in a row. Still left: Southern California, who hasn't lost a game since September 17, 2003; Texas, still riding high off that big win in Columbus; Louisiana State, who has a huge test coming up this week (more on that Tuesday); Florida, who looks like they're the team to beat in the SEC East...for now; Georgia, who would probably be upset with my description of Florida; Alabama, who is off of most people's radars but has the schedule to shoot up quickly if they can win (remember, you read that Alabama could win the National Championship here first); Florida State, who managed to get out of that ugly game against Miami with a win, and have followed that up with a much more convincing performance against BC; Virginia Tech, which has not played a decent opponent since opening week (that changes next Saturday...again, more on that Tuesday), but has been blowing their opponents out like you would expect a top tier team to do (all aliteration aside); and Purdue, which is the Big 10's lone torch bearer since Ohio State, Michigan, and Iowa have all lost. Of course, lot's of teams could still be in the mix if they ran their schedule - Vanderbilt hasn't lost yet, for instance - but these are the scools whose games you should be keeping an eye on in the coming weeks.

Ok, that's plenty for now. Pro ball recap Tuesday, as well as my look ahead to next week in college, which comes early because the college weekend starts on Wednesday this week. Till then, P&L...


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