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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

College Ball Addendum

I've been debating when to write this, before this coming week or after it, but I've decided to do it now - maybe it was the weather.

Anyway, this is right around the point of the college season where being undefeated becomes a noteworthy achievement. Undefeated teams from larger conferences can begin to dream of a National Championship, and mid-major undefeateds can begin to dream of crashing the BCS Party like Utah did last season. So here is a list of the 27 remaining undefeateds (there are 119 Division 1A schools), and what they are up to this week.

(All times EST, PM)

Alabama & Florida - playing each other in Tuscaloosa at 3:30 on Saturday (CBS)
Baylor - visiting Texas A&M at 12:30 on Saturday
California - hosting Arizona at 7:00 on Saturday (TBS)
California Los Angeles - hosting Washington at 10:15 on Saturday
Florida State - hosting Syracuse at 3:30 on Saturday (ABC)
Georgia - Idle
Indiana & Wisconsin - playing each other in Madison at 12:00 on Saturday (ESPN2)
Iowa State & Nebraska - playing each other in Lincoln at 3:30 on Saturday
Kansas & Texas Tech - playing each other in Lubbock at 7:00 on Saturday
Kansas State - visiting Oklahoma at 7:00 on Saturday
Michigan State - hosting Michigan at 12:00 on Saturday
Minnesota & Penn State - playing each other in Happy Valley at 3:30 on Saturday
Oklahoma State - hosting Colorado at 2:05 on Saturday
Southern California - visiting Arizona State at 3:30 on Saturday
Texas - visiting Missouri at 12:00 on Saturday
Texas El Paso - visiting Memphis at 8:00 on Saturday
Toledo - visiting Fresno State as I write this (ESPN2)
Vanderbilt - hosting Mississippi State at 7:00 on Saturday
Virginia - visiting Maryland at 12:00 on Saturday (ABC)
Virginia Tech & West Virginia - playing each other in Morgantown at 12:00 on Saturday (ESPN)
Washington State - visiting Oregon State at 4:00 on Saturday

All for now...P&L...


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