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Monday, September 12, 2005

Cincy Trip & College Ball Wrap-up

Well, dad, Mr. Daniel Barchonowicz, and I took a trip to Cincy this past weekend to take in a couple baseball games at their relatively new stadium. While it was pleasant enough, with a definate mid-western feel, it was rather impersonal and underwhelming, to tell the truth. It wasn't a dump, like their old place, but it certainly wasn't on par with OPACY, PNC Park, or any of the other nice fields I have been to.

Anyway, because we spent all day Saturday and Sunday walking around Cincinnati/in the ballpark, I didn't get much opportunity to watch football, and while I had enough of a good time to say it was worth the trade-off, I would have liked to have seen some of the games this weekend that I either missed enitrely or caught only pieces of, most notably the Redskins opening day win over the Bears.

Bearing in mind that the football weekend isn't over until tonight, I'll recap the major college action here, and hold off on pro ball until tommorow:

My top five games, if you'll remember, were Tulsa/Oklahoma, South Carolina/Georgia, LSU/Arizona State, Notre Dame/Michigan, and Texas/Ohio State. If you're a college ball fan, you were ecstatic this weekend because none of these games dissapointed, and the last two even exceeded expectations. Oklahoma ended up beating Tulsa 31-14, but the game was close (17-14) with under four minutes to go. Georgia beat South Carolina, but the Ol' Ball Coach's squad kept it close, which might mean they are a lot closer to being competitive in the SEC East than people originally thought. That is a situation worth monitoring. LSU beat Arizona State in a thriller that had a lot more meaning than just football, and Texas had a 4th quarter comeback victory at the Horseshoe in Colombus. It's also worth noting that Iowa State pounded Iowa 23-3, which means all of the Big 10's big three (Michigan, OSU, and Iowa) went down in the same weekend.

Should be a hell of a weekend next weekend, highlighted by Tennessee/Florida, but more on that Wednesday. Til later, P&L...


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