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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Are you ready for some (pro) football?

It's kickoff eve for pro ball so, as promised, here is my NFL preview. First, a look at my fantasy team:

QBs - Kerry Collins, Byron Leftwich
RBs - Edgerrin James, Clinton Portis, Thomas Jones, Reuben Droughns
WRs - Tory Holt, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Joey Porter, Santana Moss, Matt Jones
TEs - Antonio Gates, Chris Cooley
DEFs - Bills, Redskins
Ks - Sebastian Janikowski, Jon Hall

Let's run it down, division by division, starting in the AFC:

East - This division belongs to the New England Patriots, until further notice. The Jets and Bills will be looking at records in the 7-9 - 9-7 range, and the Dolphins will be improved, but I don't see more than 6 wins for them this season.

West - The Raiders stole Randy Moss from the Vikings, and will be rewarded with a division championship. The Chargers will fall back, and they as well as the Broncos and Chiefs will all be in the neighborhood of .500 at season's end.

North - 5 young QBs will break out and lead their teams to the playoffs, and the first one I'm listing here is Kyle Boller, whose Ravens should win the division with a stout defense as well as a healthy Jamal Lewis and Todd Heap. Cincy QB Carson Palmer is the second such QB, as the Bengals will be back in the eplayoffs for the first time since forever. The Steelers will struggle this season, looking at 9-7, and the Browns will be just awful, and in the hunt for the Matt Leinart sweepstakes.

South - Peyton Manning is still the NFL's best QB, and he's still good enough to lead his team to the playoffs, but they still have defense issues in Indy. Byron Leftwich is young QB #3 who's team is headed for the playoffs, as the Jags will eek in around 10-6. Tennessee and Houston will struggle.


East - This division is the property of the Philadelphia Eagles, until further notice, but one of those other three teams is gonna make a run this season. Here's saying it will be the Redskins behind Patrick Ramsey (QB #4) who will take the wildcard. Dallas and New York should both be good for 7-9 wins.

West - Perhaps the worst division in football, the aging Rams are still the class of this division. The Cardinals are on the rise but will miss out on the postseason, as will the Seahawks, who are on the fall. The 49ers are just plain awful.

North - If the NFC West isn't the worst division, the NFC North is. I'm looking for the Lions to take this division with Joey Harrington (#5) behind center, ahead of the Packers, who have decided to forgo playing with an offensive line or a defense, and the vastly overrated Vikings, who gave away their best player. And as for the Bears, well, they're the Bears...enough said.

South - The Saints have always had the talent to take this division, and I have no idea how Jim Haslett keeps his job. Here's saying (and hoping) that Hurrican Katrina can do what the head coach could not...that is, inspire the Saints to play up to their potential. It would be the feel good story of the season, that's for sure. The Falcons will grab a WC in this scenario, while Carolina just misses out. Long year for the Buccaneers, I'm afraid...but hey, hockey season is right around the corner...

That's all I got for now...


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