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Saturday, August 27, 2005


It's been a hell of a good week for my two favorite pity parties...the Democrats and the Redskins.

Well, not so much a good week for the Democrats as it was a bad one for the Republicans, who decided to take some target practice out on their feet. The highlight, of course, was "Christian" leader Pat Robertson calling for the assassination of Venezuelan President Chavez. If I told you Chavez was the Progressive leader of an oil-rich nation, would you be shocked? Neither would I. But still, you have to wonder how *Jesus* feels about some asshole supposedly acting on *His* behalf telling us we should go killing people. A Scrivener's Lament puts it beautifully: "Will Pat Robertson now petition for The 9 Commandments to be displayed prominently in public buildings?"

It wasn't just Pat Robertson, of course. Our Great Leader was on vacation in Texas...again, he has broken the record for vacation time taken by a President and he has 3 1/2 more years to pile on to his record...when Cindy Sheehan showed up at Crawford and demanded that he tell her why he sent her son off to die for, well, nothing. So, he decided that his vacation wasn't going very well, so he took a vacation from his vacation to go to Idaho, where he can apparently still find some people who don't think he's a complete toolbox (you have to love his 36% approval rating...not quite as high as Richard Nixon's was at the height of the Watergate scandal). He then proceeded to bash the greiving mother of a dead American soldier by comparing her to another mother who (supposedly) told him that her sons would be happy to die for their country. Nice.

The Sheehan trashing (have these people no shame?) continued from other fronts as well, from Rush Limbaugh to a "grassroots" group called "Move America Forward". Only, this grassroots group is what we call "artifical turf" because it isn't a grassroots movement...that's horseshit. It is directly tied to the RNC. It's unethical, it's bad politics, it's the stuff that only complete scumbags do. And to tie it off nicely, it's only purpose is to verbally attack the mother of a dead U.S. soldier. Read that last sentence a couple of times, Republicans. Is this really what you want to be?

Watch Jon Stewart spank right-wing blowhard Christopher Hitchens all over the stage.

It would be nice for the Democrats to get off of their asses and participate, but since they're a bunch of jack-offs who would probably fuck it up anyway, maybe it's better that they're not saying anything. I am dissapointed in Howard Dean's silence, though.

Ok, on to the Redskins, who got their first preseason win, 17-10, over the Steelers. The good news is Ramsey looked pretty sharp overall in a half of play, with some really nice completions downfield (although no monster hook-ups) against a defense that absolutely stifled pretty much everyone they saw last year, including Ramsey & the Skins. The running game looked really good, from Portis to Betts to the two guys fighting for the third spot. Special teams was still shaky, and way too many penalties. Still, a good win for a team that needed one.



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