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Monday, August 22, 2005

The Return of Dascent

Goodness gracious, it has been forever since I've posted here. My bad, kids (ya, right, like anyone reads this...).

Anyway, it's been one hell of a busy summer, for reasons I mostly won't go into. I will mention - and I'm not trying to bring anyone down, here, it's just that I wouldn't feel right writing about this summer and not mentioning this - that a very close friend of the family's, Dorothy Barchonowicz, passed away after a four-year battle with various forms of cancer. She was my mother's best friend and things have been mighty gloomy around here all summer becasue of it.

The Orioles have collapsed spectacularly. They had an opportunity to be competitive but allowed the trade deadline to pass without a whimper. Well, fuck them. If they aren't interested in spending the money to contend, I'm not interested in wasting my time and money on them. If George Soros succeeds in buying the Nats, I'll have no problem swaping to a team that wants to act like it belongs in the Major Leagues. If they were spending the money and losing (like my Skins), I'd at least give them the credit for putting forth the effort, but it seems like Peter Angelos's only concern is the bottom line. The bottom line, Peter, is you just lost a fan, and if you don't pull your head out of your wallet, you'll lose a bunch more.

While baseball is unpleasant, football season is coming, and I couldn't be happier about that. College season kicks off Labor Day weekend, and we're going to get right to business with several very interesting match-ups, highlighted by Florida State-Miami. More on that as it approaches. Pro ball starts the weekend after. Should be a blast...

In other news, the war is still going on, kids are still dying, Bush is on vacation, Republican Senators are likening the conflict to Vietnam. There's a lady in Texas hanging around the Prez's vacation spot (hooray for W, by the way, breaking the vacation record it took Ronnie Reagan 8 years to set in a mere four-and-a-half rotations of the Earth around the Sun...), trying to get him to explain to her why her son got shipped home in a box, and the fact that the enitre Democratic Congressional Coalition isn't down there giving her their support is UNFUCKINGFATHOMABLE. This war is a sinking ship. It's a fucking disaster, and everyone who has a functioning brain is coming to realize this, including Chuck Hagel. The Democrats have to get on the boat now, and they'll send the Repubs to Federal Pound Me In The Ass Prison in '06. If they continue to try to reach out to the right-center, well, we saw the results of that strategy in '04. And '02. And '00...

Speaking of which, Hillary Clinton can kiss my ass. She needs to spend less time worrying about video games, which, last time I checked, do not kill actual people, and more time parading against the war, which, last time I checked, had killed over 1,800 American troops, and God knows how many Iraqi civilians.

Ok, that's all for now. But I'm gonna be updating this badboy regularly from now on, which hopefully means everyday. So, till later (tomorrow?), take care...


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