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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Fuck Barak Obama

Ya, this is a load of bullshit. We're trying to run a Party over here, and some jackass freshman Senator from Illinois is jumping on the bandwagon attacking Howard Dean.

Fanfuckingtastic, asshole. You're now trying to score political points at the expense of the Party. What was your percentage of the vote again? Like 80? What the fuck are you worried about?

Here's an idea, guys: let's stop being a bunch of pussies who let the Republicans get away with whatever they want, and then when one of us steps up and calls them out, we attack them for doing so. The Repubs didn't get into power that way.

This loser mentality the Democrats have adopted is simply sickening. Putting Dr. Dean in charge of the DNC was an absolutely brilliant move that SHOULD kickstart the Party and put us on the same track as our opponents. But as long as fucking losers like Barak Obama, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton continue to attack Dean whenever he says anything with substance instead of hopping aboard and calling out the Republican Party for what it is, this will forever be a minority party. All the Democrats who have ever attacked Howard Dean since he assumed leadership of the Party are fucking traitors, and I say fuck them. They're worse than Republicans.

Go vote for Condi Rice again Barak, you fucking piece of shit.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What high school do you go to?

I feel sad that you don't get any comments.

You're welcome.

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