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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mother's Day

Hope you had a special Mother's Day, all of you mothers who are out there reading my blog. Although I'm not sure how many mothers there are out there who like to keep up with the exploits of a 23 year old aspiring novelist/college student and the successes and failures of his fantasy baseball teams. But, hey, if you're out there, Happiest of Mother's Days to you.

Anyway - wow, what a weekend. The Birds took 2 of 3 from the visiting Royals, and I was fortunate enough to be at OPACY for both wins. Then today we had the Barchanowiczes over for Mother's Day dinner, for which I had prepared my Special Marinade and BBQ Sauce (ok...I jacked the recipies from the internet, but they're still delicious; I'll make some modifications to the recipies when I get more experienced with that sort of thing) to put on some country pork ribs that dad grilled. Anybody who has ever had this combination can attest to how wonderful they are together.

I've finally got some of my novel down on paper. I haven't been able to really get much done on it, having school and all that to deal with, but it's nice to get some momentum going on this thing. I expect to get a whole lot done this summer.

Sorry I haven't been updating this more regularly...I'd say it's because I'm so busy - and while I am busy, that isn't really the reason - but it's mostly because I'm completely scatterbrained, and if I'm not thinking about doing something, it won't get done. What I need to do is come up with segments, like on talk radio shows. I'd write about one subject on Mondays, another on Tuesdays, and so forth. I'll come up with some ideas tonight and tell you what I come up with tommorow. Also, look for my weekly fantasy baseball update tommorow...it's a doozy...'Roid Rage kicked some major ass this past week.

Ok, get back atcha in the morn'...


P.S. I shaved another 3 seconds off my best Minesweeper time on Intermediate. It's at 52 now.


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