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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Congrats to Kate and Fuck You to Pat Sajak

Kate graduated today. Beautiful day, nice ceremony. Mercifully short, as her College, SMCM, had a graduating class of only 465 (or was it 456?). Kate graduated cum laude, with a Bachelor's in History and English.

Now, I'm gonna go ahead and vent on an article I read on Dave's Blog, written by Pat Sajak. It's such a complete piece of shit that critiquing it is like shooting fish in a barrel, but if there's one thing I love, it's pointing out the idiocy of Repubs, especially the stupid Repub celebrities (ever notice how Repub celebrities are always no-talents like Sajak, Ahhnold, or Sly? Oh, wait, I almost forgot the Ultimate Warrior...).

Ok, here we go...

A distasteful glee emanates from the Left upon the arrival of any bad news from the Middle East. It’s as if they are saying, “So, W, where is all the Democracy we’re supposed to be spreading through the area? See, we were right, and you were wrong. And deceitful. And dumb.” And as bad news is welcomed as an indictment of the President and his policies, good news (and there has been plenty) must be minimized or ignored.

It’s one thing to oppose an Administration’s foreign policy, but it’s another to publicly gloat over and appear to smugly enjoy any of its setbacks. The long tradition of a Loyal Opposition in this country now appears to be an old-fashioned notion. There may have been widespread resistance to America’s entry into World War II, but once we were in it, there wasn’t much doubt about whom Americans were pulling for.

This is the same shit we've been getting from the right since the start of the war in Iraq. Basically, we're being told that if we don't fall in line with Administration Policy, we hate America. Well fuck you, everyone who says that. Everyone. My father worked for the government of this country - for the NSA, in fact - for almost 30 years. You want to tell me you love America more than he does? Or even more than I do, for that matter? I HATE it when right-wing fucks try and tell me I'm not a True Patriot. You don't know jack shit about my Patriotism. Besides, I don't know what could possibly be more Anti-American than "fall behind the President, or else."

Do we revel in the President's failures in the Middle East? That suggestion could not be more ridiculous. Do you think we like the fact that Osama Bin Laden is still at large, waiting to attack us again? The Repubs out in Kansas don't give a shit, because who the fuck is going to attack Kansas? But the folks here in the Northeast, where the 9/11 attacks took place, we're plenty upset about it.

Sajak is right about one thing, Loyal Opposition is a thing of the past. That's because whenever anyone raises any kind of opposition whatsoever, they are branded as Traitors and People Who Hate America.

If our country’s Middle East policies prove to be the disaster some claim, there will be plenty of time for recriminations. And while there’s certainly nothing wrong with voicing concerns about these policies, what is to be gained by actively working to undercut them or rooting for their failure? Wouldn’t it be better if they succeeded? Isn’t bringing millions of long-oppressed people a chance to live in freedom a noble achievement? Isn’t ensuring women the right to vote and the right to an education something to be celebrated? Won’t the world be a safer place if hope replaces despair in the lives of that region’s youth?
Wow. Plenty of time for recriminations? What the fuck does that mean? What about the over 1,500 dead US troops? Is there still plenty of time for them? And what the fuck is this business about "actively working to undercut" Administration Policy? Who has done this? Name a single person! "Rooting for their failure"? Who's rooting for failure? No one is rooting for failure...they're criticizing bad policy. We don't have to root for failure, because this policy will NEVER WORK. And when it doesn't work, and we say "See, we fucking told you so", we get accused of being disloyal. Pretty fucking convienient if you're a Repub, I'd say. Anytime someone points our your mistakes, you can just accuse them of Hating America.

You know who does Hate America? The Arabs do. Partly because we support corrupt, repressive, murderous regimes in the area. Partly because we're one-sided in our handling of Arab-Israeli disputes. Partly because they perceive us as exploiting their oil. Partly because they're a bunch of crazy religious fanatics - like Jerry Fallwell times a hundred million. But mostly because we're on their land. And even if - if - the Arabs wanted Democracy, they're sure as shit not going to be told how to do it by the Americans. That's not my opinion, that's not something I'm rooting for, that's fact. And next year, when the elections come around, we're going to point out that this Administration has been bungling things from day one, and you may not like seeing your Party get exposed, but we're not going to allow ourselves to be silenced because you think that Opposition is not a legitimate part of a Democracy.

Democrats continue to puzzle over their losses. They blame them on people who are too addlebrained to know they are voting against their own interests. Then they go to these same voters they’ve trashed and ask for their support. They seem to revel in any American setbacks overseas and yet protest when they are characterized as “weak” on defense issues. They stereotype Christians but cry foul when they are accused of not sharing their “values”.
You know, I love how the Repubs tell us that Dems are weak on defense...and that the whole country knows it. Hey, I got a question. You know what part of the country is the most likely to be hit with a foreign terrorist attack? I'd say the northeastern seaboard, the area of the country between Boston and Washington, D.C. How many states in that region did Bush win in '04? None. Zip. Zero. Nada. The people who actually live in the region that terrorists may strike spoke loudly and plainly that they trusted the Democrats to keep them safe a lot more than the Republicans. Everyone else in the country is just talking out of their ass. We're not puzzling over our losses. We lost because there are a lot of stupid rednecks out there who hate fags and vote on single issues. Our problem is we have to create the same kind of fervor come election time as our opponents do, which is a difficult problem, because our opponents use Fear, Ignorance, & Hate to rive their "base". Hope & Tolerance don't sell quite as well.

There are plenty of issues over which you can disagree with George W. Bush, including Iraq and his push for democratization throughout the world. You may find him wrongheaded or naïve. You may think his policies will blow up in our faces. But if you feel that way, shouldn’t you at least hope you’re wrong and he’s right.
How stupid was that? Seriously, President Bush's policies are stupid and naive, but I sure do hope he's right! I sure do hope that the Arabs will look at the abuses of Abu Ghraib, and decide that they DON'T hate us and that we can work together! I sure do hope that they can ignore the fact that more Iraqi civilians - many, many more - have been killed since the start of the Iraq War than American civilians were killed in the 9/11 Attacks. I sure do hope that if we give the vote to a bunch of religious fanatics, they won't elect a de facto theocracy. I sure hope that the Arab terrorists, who attacked us for merely BEING in Saudi Arabia, don't attack us for up and STARTING A WAR in Iraq.

The policies of this Administration are not merely naive or wrongheaded - they are completely out of touch with reality, they are responsible for thousands of deaths already, and they could be responsible for thousands more before we've reversed course. So excuse us for not keeping our mouths shut. At some point somebody has to restore sanity to this country's leadership, and we're not going to sit here and watch whilst you fuckers lead us into Armageddon.

Fuck you Pat Sajak, and all of your ilk.


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