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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

What if I were Commissioner?

Birds won, 7-6 this evening. This is the type of game they've found ways to lose in the past, especially in Tampa Bay. The D-Rays got to Daniel Cabrera early and often, but the Birds kept scoring until they were on top.

Today as I was driving home, and I started to ask myself what I would do if I were made MLB commissioner. The biggest problem in baseball right now, regardless of what the sports media may tell you about steroids, is competitive balance. The Yankees and, to a lesser extent, the Red Sox pretty much get their pick of the litter when it comes to the free agent market every offseason, and lower-payroll teams have no chance to compete. Fans in Pittsburgh and Milwaukee may as well forget about baseball entirely, because there is no way their teams can win under baseball's current economic conditions. So my first acts would be to install a real revenue sharing program, one that mirrors what they have in the NFL, as opposed to the facade MLB has right now. I would also install a salary cap and floor, probably something like 60 million for the floor and 100 million for the cap. It would leave some room for salary disparity, but it wouldn't let the Yankees have their run away payroll. I would also make all contracts guaranteed (unlike the NFL) and I'd allow the salaries of players who had been with a team for a long time (like 5 consecutive years) to count for less against the salary cap - that way more players would play on one team for their entire careers.

Item #2 on my list would be blood testing for performance enhancing drugs - the current piss tests won't pick up human growth hormones. Unlike what a lot of people believe, I find the current disciplinary action against players in violation of the performance enhancing drug rules adaquate.

I've got more ideas, and I'll post them later. It's late now though and I have to get up early. So, till later, P&L...


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