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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Sheff v. Drunk Fan

By now you've all seen (several times) replay after replay of Gary Sheffield's incident with a Red Sox fan down the right field line Thursday night. I was watching the game, and here's what I thought.

First, the fan was being a jackass. I don't know what possesses fans into reaching on to the field of play after balls in play (or whatever he was reaching for), but it's something you just don't do. MLB should not put up with it. If the ball is in play and the fan reaches after it, he needs to be ejected immediately. Take away fans reaching out over the wall for balls in play, and this incident does not happen.

Secondly, Sheffield needed to show a little more restraint. He did show some restraint, which was admirable, but he never should have gone back to confront the fan. He should have talked to an umpire, or security, but he never should have turned and faced the fan after he threw the ball. Nothing good could have come from that, and he placed all of his teammates in jeopardy. Things could have escalated, and just because they didn't, doesn't mean he should get off scot free. I think a 1 or 2 game suspension would be in order.

Thirdly, and this was mentioned by Woody Paige a couple times today on ESPN, but major kudos to the Fenway Security guy who hopped in and kept the parties separated. It wasn't so much Sheffield's restraint, it was this guy restraining Sheffield. Sheff can send this guy a thank you note, because without him I'm not so sure that Sheffield doesn't become baseball's Ron Artest and start something REALLY ugly.

Birds trounced the Yanks tonight. It's only been 10 games, but damn, we might have a real bal club on our hands. I'll be at it again tommorow, till then...



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