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Friday, April 15, 2005


Another Yankees/Red Sox series ended yesterday with an 8-5 Red Sox win. It was a good enough game, I suppose. Plenty of drama, with the Sox scoring the winning runs in the bottom of the 8th and then nearly blowing it in the 9th. But I am at the point where I simply can not give a shit what happens when the Red Sox and Yankees play anymore. I used to cheer for the Red Sox when they played the Yankees, of course, because I hate the Yankees, always have. I've never felt the same sort of antipathy towards the Red Sox, and I suppose I still don't, really, but the two teams are a lot closer in my book now than they were a few years ago.

The first signs that I was really starting to hate the Red Sox started showing up at Camden Yards en masse a few seasons ago. Understand, back when it was the Orioles and Yankees duking it out for the AL East - 1996-97 - Red Sox fans would show up to OPAC, but they'd hardly take the place over. And they CERTAINLY weren't selling out every game at Fenway. They call Boston a great baseball town, but in fact it's just like every other city in the northeast - when the team is winning, the fans show up, when they're not, they don't. And it's really fucking obnoxious when they come to your park by the thousands because the team is good. I understand that if Orioles fans would go see their team more often, they're wouldn't be as many tickets available, but don't tell me about how Red Sox Nation lives and dies with their team more than any other team in this part of the country, or more than the Dodgers, Giants, Cubs, or White Sox, because it simply ain't true.

Then they started going Yankees Light with the payroll. The Yankees are spending over $200 million on payroll, which is a fucking travesty. But the Red Sox are at like 150, and the next team after that is spending about 2/3 of what they are. If the Yankees are the Evil Empire, the Red Sox are but slightly less evil, and slightly less empiric.

Now, we have to watch trailers for dumb-assed movies about being a Red Sox fan. For Christ-fucking-sake, make it stop.

Here's a good column on why you too can hate the Red Sox almost as much as the Yankees. Some of the items are Mariners-fan specific (it was written by a Mariners fan), but you can probably come up with your own items to replace them. Here's another one.

But I don't want to just write about hating the Red Sox, it's the whole damn rivalry that's pissing me off. First of all, it is NOT the best rivalry in sports. Perhaps the best rivaly in professional sports, but give me Michigan/Ohio State, Alabama/Auburn, Army/Navy, Texas/Oklahoma, USC/UCLA, Stanford/Cal...any of those. College rivalries are always better than professional rivalries, because college players don't jump around from team to team. How much could Wade Boggs have hated the Red Sox when he was on the Yankees, considering he had spent the majority of his Hall of Fame career there? For the record, the best rivalry in sports, on this continent, is Duke/UNC basketball.

I was over my friend Jeff's house Wednesday Night, and he was upset that the Yankees/Red Sox game that night was not being shown in our region because we were seeing the O's/Devil Rays game. Now, Jeff is a Red Sox fan, and I have no problem with him being upset, because that's his team and he thought they were going to be on. But as the night went on, he went on to inform us that Red Sox/Yankees would have drawn higher ratings in Baltimore than the O's game. I mean, the arrogance is amazing. He then told us that the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry was "saving baseball", as if a bunch of fans in Milwaukee or Pittsburgh are reveling in all of the attention paid to two teams who's payrolls are in the stratosphere, while their own teams will never get any attention or glory because they can not spend half of what either of those two teams spend. What a jackass. But it's not his fault, he is fed this crap every day by the National Sports Media, who are right up there with the regular media in terms of being jackasses who have no idea how to do their jobs.

And dojn't get me started about the Gary Sheffield/drunk jackass Sox fan "incident" because it is a complete non-story that we'll be hearing about every day for a month, and then they'll bring it up again whenever the Sox and Yankees play, as if anything actually happened.

Fuck this. I'm good and pissed now.



Anonymous Jd said...

i really hope the O's overtake one of these two teams. The Sox and Yankees are one in the same to me now.

1:09 PM  

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