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Saturday, April 02, 2005

RIP: Pope John Paul II

Well, the Pope died this evening, as you all know by now. I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, the Pope was a lover of peace and made progress by apologizing for the non-role of the Church during the Holocaust, visiting Cuba as well as a synagogue, and criticizing Gulf War II; on the other hand, however, this gives the Catholic Church an opportunity to move forward on a whole host of other issues. With the election of a new Pope probably between 25-30 years younger than John Paul II, the Catholic Church's position on birth control, divorce, the role of women within the Church, and maybe even abortion or homosexuality (although we might have to sit through another Papal reign before we get to those issues) could modernize, if only a little bit. A lot depends on where the new Pope is from. If he's Italian or French than we might see some progress. If they elect another Slav or (it pains me to say this) an Irishman or an American, then the Church might be stuck with the same outdated attitudes for another generation. I have no idea who the main contenders are, but I'll be following the developments and posting on them on this blog.

I'll post again after the first Hoops semifinal. Til then, P&L...


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