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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Quick post, then sleepy time...

Took a pleasure trip today...I dropped my parents off at the airport.


Seriously though, Mom & Dad have headed for sunny Florida, leaving me & the puppy here by our lonesomes. I'd throw a party, but I already got plans for Friday & Saturday nights. Besides, I wouldn't throw a party anyway.

What I really want to blog about, though, is the early-season performance of the Birds. Through 8 games, the O's find themselves 5-3, and have won consecutive series on the road. After scoring 5 runs the first three games versus Oakland, they've averaged just over 7 runs a game against the Yankees and the Devil Rays, so my doomsday predictions about their ability to score may have been off. More importantly, their starting pitching has been very good so far. Cabrera has had two rough outings and Ponson looked a little shaky vs. the Yanks - although A) he did get the win, and B) it was the Yanks - but the other three have looked pretty good, especially Rodrigo. Historically, the O's have had problems with the Rays, and last year the Yanks beat the O's up and down both Yankee Stadium and at OPACY. So seeing them look good against those two teams is especially encouraging.

Ok, 1 more game vs. Tampa Bay, tommorow night. Like I said, they've already won this series, now they're going for the sweep, which would be gravy. Can't wait. Till tommorow, P&L...


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