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Saturday, April 02, 2005

More Fantasy Baseball, etc.

'Roid Rage has released SS Alex Gonzalez and signed SS Kahlil Greene.

Also, DailyKos has a 12-team Fantasy League that drafted yesterday. Here's my team, the Paper Street Soap Co:

Joe Mauer, Mark Teixeira, Brett Boone, Juan Uribe, Miguel Tejada, Rafael Palmeiro, Kahlil Greene, Sammy Sosa, Steve Finley, Jose Guillen, Jermaine Dye, Bernie Williams, Tino Martinez, Cliff Floyd, Frank Thomas, Michael Barrett, David Newhan, Larry Bigbie, Terrmel Sledge, Ben Sheets, Roger Clemens, Oliver Perez, Carl Pavano, Chris Carpenter, Jon Lieber, Erik Bedard, Ray King, Salomon Torres, Jorge Julio

The NCAA Tournament resumes this evening. We've got Illinois vs. Louisville at 6:07 and North Carolina vs. Michigan State at 8:47.

Not much else to report at present, but I want to bring this piece to your attention (thanks DK). It's a hatchet job on our boy Tom Delay, which is great in and of itself, but it's made even better by the fact that it was written by a right-wing hack on the uber-conservative RedState.org:

It appears that the [conservative] movement is now beholden to the furtherance of the haphazard career of Tom DeLay. Tom DeLay, who in terms of tugging at social conservatives for money and support -- and then stabbing them in the back behind the scenes -- among the worst the United States Congress has to offer. Tom DeLay, who threatened the career of a Congressman's son to help ram through the disastrous, un-conservative Medicare bill. Tom DeLay, who knew full well that Jack Abramoff was the sort of man that any ethical public servant would assiduously avoid -- and went on junkets with him anyway. Tom DeLay, who has had a grand jury chipping away at his inner circle for months. Tom DeLay, who helped erode the informal checks that maintain republican governance in America by pioneering the detestable practice of off-year redistricting. Tom DeLay, who is, unlike his Senate counterpart, not incompetent, but nonetheless dirty. (Update: I am reminded, too, that this is also the Tom DeLay who forced through changes in the House ethics rules on indictments to safeguard his leadership position -- another nail in the coffin bearing the corpse of GOP rectitude.)

That's all for now, P&L...


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