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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Minesweeper & Teacher's Exams

I set a new personal best time in Minesweeper this afternoon - this time on the Intermediate level. My records are now:

Beginner - 9 seconds
Intermediate - 57 seconds
Expert - 233 seconds

Anybody who has better times than these, please post them in the Comments section.

In another bit of news, I got back the results of the Massachusetts Test for Educator Licensure that I took last month. Needing a 70% to pass, I got a 97% on the Reading subtest and an 85% on the Writing subtest of the Communication & Literacy Skills portion of the test. On the Mathematics portion of the test, I got (swear to *GOD*) a 71%. So, upon graduation from college, I will be eligible to teach high school math in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I have, at present, no desire to teach high school math in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (I am an aspiring, soon-to-be Nobel Prize nominated novelist, after all), but if I had to, it's something I can always fall back on, which is good.

Congratulations are also due to my sister, who will be simarly eligible to teach high school history in Massachusetts upon her graduation.

Finally, I want to point your attention to (thanks DU) this hilarious statement from the UConn College Repubs regarding a speech they sponsered featuring former WWF Champion The Ultimate Warrior, whom they invited to campus to give a political speech. Seems the Warrior offended everybody who wasn't, well, him, and now the College Repubs have to pretend that they don't agree with every racist, sexist, and hompophobic thing he could spew out. The funniest part is the list of different student organizations to whom they had to hand write apology letters after the debacle. And it turns out that that's just a small sample: they wrote, by their own count "personally signed apology letters to more than twenty organizations on campus." LOL - as they say in cyberspace.

Till tommorow, P&L...


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