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Monday, April 18, 2005

K-L-G's Movie Awards - Finalists & Baseball

We've announced the nominees, we've trimmed the list down to the Semi-Finalists...so here are the results of the second-to-last cut. Merely two contenders remain for each award. Let's see who they are...

Best Supporting Actress:
Minnie Driver - Good Will Hunting
Anjelica Huston - The Royal Tennenbaums

Last Semi-finalist Cut:
Franka Potente - The Bourne Identity

Best Supporting Actor:
Morgan Freeman - The Shawshank Redemption
John Goodman - The Big Lebowski

Last Semi-finalist Cut:
Geoffrey Rush - Pirates of the Carribean

Best Original Screenplay:
Ben Affleck & Matt Damon - Good Will Hunting
Ethan Coen & Joel Coen - The Big Lebowski

Last Semi-finalist Cut:
Roger Avary & Quentin Tarantino - Pulp Fiction

Best Adapted Screenplay:
Alex Cox, Tod Davies, Terry Gilliam, & Tony Grisoni - Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas (Novel by Hunter S. Thompson)
Frank Darabont - The Shawshank Redemption (Short Story by Stephen King)

Last Semi-finalist Cut:
Jim Uhls - Fight Club (Novel by Chuck Palahniuk)

Best Lead Actress:
Annette Benning - American Beauty
Frances McDormand - Fargo

Last Semi-finalist Cut:
Helena Bonham Carter - Fight Club

Best Lead Actor:
Johnny Depp - Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas
Edward Norton - Fight Club

Last Semi-finalist Cut:
Gene Hackman - The Royal Tennenbaums

Best Director:
David Fincher - Fight Club
Quentin Tarantino - Kill Bill

Last Semi-finalist Cut:
Joel Coen - Fargo

Best Picture:
The Big Lebowski
Fight Club

Last Semi-finalist Cut:
Pulp Fiction

Couple of baseball things to talk about.

First, fantasy update...not a bad week for my two fantasy teams, as both climbed up two spots in the League Standings. 'Roid Rage is up to 5th place out of 8 teams, and the Paper Street Soap Co is up to 8th place out of 12. Both are still recovering from a disasterous opening week, but if they can climb two spots a week I'll be in first by the time school lets out. The star of the week for 'Roid Rage was none other than OF Sammy Sosa, who smacked 2 jacks and knocked in 7 runs while hitting .400 and amassing 21 total bases. The star of the week for Paper Street was also an Oriole, SS Miguel Tejada - he blasted 3 jacks, knocked in a whopping 13 runs, and had an astounding SLG% of .958. No wonder the Birds can't lose.

'Roid Rage has released SS Kahlil Greene and signed SS/3B Jose Valentin. Also, 'Roid Rage has placed 1B Justin Morneau on the Disabled List and signed RP Danys Baez. The Paper Street Soap Co has released SP Sidney Ponson and signed SP Mike Hampton.

Secondly, I've heard this question a lot from the national sports media: "What's wrong with the Yankees?"

I understand that the Yankees are supposed to beat the Orioles silly, like they did last year. I know it's difficult for anyone to think that the Orioles just might have a pretty good team, on the heels of 7 straight losing seasons. But at some point, the Birds have to be given some credit.

First of all, the Yankees have played 12 games, 6 against the O's, and (in case you haven't heard) 6 against the Red Sox, who happen to be (again, in case you haven't heard) the defending World Series Champions. If the Yanks are struggling against the pitiful Orioles, then surely the Red Sox must have hammered them to smithereens in their 6 contests, right?

Well, no, not exactly. The Yankees are 3-3 against the Red Sox, having won 2 out of 3 at Yankee Stadium and 1 of 3 at Fenway. The Yankees have been outscored on the season 77-53, but they've been outscored by Baltimore 47-26. That means that they've only been outscored by Boston 30-27.

Could it be that the Orioles are simply playing outstanding baseball? Judge for yourself:

In the American League, the Birds rank 1st in runs per game, hits, 3Bs, total bases per game, RBI, batting average, OBP, SLG, OPS, extra base hits per game, and fewest strikeouts by their hitters. In addition, they're second in total runs scored, home runs, total total bases, stolen bases, and total extra base hits.

It's early, but you can not deny that the Orioles are playing extremely well. I just wish someone would mention it.


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