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Friday, April 08, 2005

Friday Afternoon

First of all, my explanation for not posting this last night: for some reason my internet was fucking up all evening last night. I tried posting a couple times, but my posts were lost in cyberspace.

Anyway, North Dakota won 4-2 last night. The National Championship game will be tommorow night at 7:00 on ESPN, UND vs. Denver.

It was a pretty miserable night for both Fantasy teams and the Birds, the latter dropping the finale of their three game set with Oakland. For such a supposedly star-studded line-up, they've been having trouble scoring runs so far this season. Maybe their bats just need time to warm up, but it's been my contention that they still have serious holes in their line-up that they need to address. We'll see.

For 'Roid Rage, we got a decent pitching performance, and a win, from Tim Hudson. We also got a two-inning win from RP Chad Cordero, a nice suprise. However, a save oportunity went up in smoke when Shingo Takatsu gave up a remarkable 3 solo home runs in 2/3 of an inning. Offensively, we got a home run from Alfonso Soriano and a couple of RBI from Steve Finley, but that was about it. All in all, a mediocre performance.

But it wasn't a complete disaster, like it was for the Paper Street Soap Co, who only scored 2 runs and had 2 runs driven in all day. They also recorded 1 strikeout. Oh well, we got the weekend serieses coming up, so hopefully all three teams will be more fortunate.

On to the memo scandal...you'll love this column by Cliff Kincaid of AIM.org. The audacity of it is simply astounding. After it has come to light that, duh, a Republican did write the memo, and it wasn't forged by Democrats, Kincaid is demanding an apology from the Washington Post, for saying that a memo that was written by a Republican and distributed to Republican Senators was, well, written by a Republican and distributed to Republican Senators. What a complete and total asshole. Hey Repubs, is this really what you want to be?

Till Later, P&L...


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