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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Another Night at the Yard

I was back at OPACY last night to watch the Birds take on the Devil Rays. The first thing I want to say is that I was dissapointed with the attendance - under 25,000 folks showed up for a Friday night game. The Birds just started a 12-game homestand. All O's fans who live somewhere in the area should make an effort to see at least 2 games over the next two weeks. We finally have a first-place club, and if you want the club to continue to win, we have to show Angelos that a winning team will continue to draw, Nats or no Nats.

Other then that, the night was perfect. Rain threatened, but nary a drop fell. The Birds trounced Tampa Bay 5-0, with jacks coming from Miggy T, Jay Gibbons (who came damn close to hitting a second), and Javy Lopez. Erik Bedard was masterful, pitching 8 innings, scattering 5 hits, and (perhaps most important) walking none. If that weren't enough, by the 7th inning the out-of-town scoreboard was showing that the Blue Jays had defeated the Yankees, 2-0. And by the time the game ended, the Red Sox had fallen behind Texas 7-2, a defecit from which they would not recover.

So, as of right now, the standings are as follows: The Birds find themselves in first place with a 15-7 record. The Blue Jays are in second, 13-11 and 3 games back. The Red Sox are an even 11-11, 4 games behind the O's. The Yanks are in fourth, 6.5 games back with a 9-14 record. Sitting in last place are the Devil Rays, 8-15, 7.5 games behind.

Birds are at home against Tampa Bay again this afternoon at 4:35, weather permitting.


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