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Thursday, March 31, 2005

TV Report

Thursday is always a good night for TV - you got a new CSI episode, and you have MXC on Spike all night. And tonight, as an added bonus, we had the NIT Final between South Carolina and St. Joe's. CSI and the basketball game were polar opposites...the CSI episode was compelling television for about 50 minutes or so, but then the end came and (as it does from time to time) totally ruined the rest of the show. Meanwhile South Carolina and St. Joe's played absoluetly rancid basketball for 39 and a half minutes, then provided one of the most dramatic finishes to a basketball game I'd ever seen. Just goes to show, I guess, that - scratch that, I have no idea what it goes to show. Don't judge a television program until it's over, I guess.

We've also got an encore presentation of Invasion Iowa, William Shatner's new reality show where he cons an entire town in Iowa into believeing that he's shooting a movie, when in fact he's shooting, well, a reality series. Not a bad concept, and Shatner is truly a funny guy, so it could work. I'm watching it as I'm typing this, and it's pretty good so far.

Alright kids...I'll let you know tommorow if it's worth watching. 'Til then, P&L...


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