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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

'Roid Rage

Well, our League (The Big Knockers) had its fantasy draft this evening. Of course, everyone is happy with their team after the draft - nobody drafts players who they think stink, after all - and I am no exception. I got a ton of players who I think are going to hit a ton of Home Runs for me this summer, and HRs has a way of carrying the other statistics along with it. So, without further ado, I present my team, 'Roid Rage:

Starting Line-Up

2B - Alfonso Soriano
3B - David Wright
OF - Jim Edmonds
1B - Mark Teixeira
OF - Gary Sheffield
OF - Sammy Sosa
DH - Justin Morneau
C - Mike Piazza
SS - Juan Uribe

C - Joe Mauer
SS - Alex Gonzalez
OF - Steve Finley

SP - Tim Hudson
SP - Carl Pavano
SP - Mark Mulder
SP - Odalis Perez
SP - Jon Lieber
SP - John Thomson
RP - Eddie Guardado
RP - Danys Baez
RP - Chad Cordero
RP - Jose Mesa

I feel pretty good about my team.

Here's a link I found via DU, and it's from right here on blogspot. It's a terrifically funny editorial run in Scientific American. I won't repost it, just link to it. Here.

Not much else to write about. Maybe I'll blog again after CSI: New York. Maybe not. We'll see.



Blogger Chasehunterj said...

so, when is joe mauer going to get better???

9:17 PM  
Blogger K - L - G said...

Hopefully, as soon as he can manage to stay off the DL for a week or so. That's why I've got Piazza, too. I figre between the two of them I should get one full season...

1:06 AM  

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