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This is my first real attempt at an on-line journal. It'll be parts political, parts personal, parts other. I'll try to keep it interesting, whatever I write. Feedback is appreciated...

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Sunday, March 27, 2005

The First Entry

Ok kids...SubProfile is dead & gone...good riddance...more trouble than it was worth...

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, I present you with Da Scent. This is a real, honest to *GOD* blog, with room for user feedback and everything. I'll even put my picture up here some day, when I get around to it...

So what is this gonna be? Venting space, look for responses to posts in other blogs, clever links I spot during my web Adventures; and, oh yeah, I'll definately keep you guys informed on how My Novel is coming.

WTF? Novel?

Yeah, I've decided to write something (other than this, obviously...). Tenatively, I'm titling it Rewired. I'd post more about it but I'd rather not. If you're interested, please e-mail (gday81@aol.com). First update: I've just started the damn thing.

In other news, it's *EASTER* tommorow, but more importantly (?) we'll finally be down to the Final Four in the NCAA Hoops Tourney. Illinois, the team I picked to win, still looks good. I'd say more, but if you care, you already know, and if you don't, you don't want to.

Oh...my Spring Break Trip. Went to Louisiana for a week w/The Family, including Duncan (the dog) but not including Kate (the sister) who had Spring Break last week, because her school is run by boobs. And I apologize for offending any boobs. Great time, great food, great weather. Oh, there was that bit about my mom going to the hospital with asthmatic bronchitis, but we don't like the details to get in the way of our fun. Duncan showed glimpses of what a chick magnet he can be with application. I plan on taking him to the park as soon as the weather is as nice up here as it was down there (seriously, you should see this guy in action...I could train him for 5 years and not get any better results than what he does naturally...I'd rent him out if he was mine to rent out).

Ok, done writing for now. Expect regular postings. I'll write again tommorow if I get the opportunity.


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