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Monday, March 28, 2005

Final Four

Ok, this post is going to be pretty much completely college hoops, although I'll use the first paragraph to talk about my day...

Woke up about 10:30 or so, came down here and posted on the Schiavo business. Didn't accomplish much else until about 12:30, when Kate, Duncan, & I went over to the Rodgers for an all too uncommon visit. The dog is a complete attention whore, and so he loved being somewhere where he had four people fawning all over him. Then Kate's friend Sean came over - he's a pretty cool guy from Trinidad. He ate *EASTER* dinner with us (lamb - delicious, as lamb always is when dad cooks it), and we all watched the ball games (more on that later). He also explained a lot to me about cricket - the terminology, anyway. We played a few rounds of Texas Hold 'Em, and Kate pulled a straight flush to the 6, the best hand I've ever personally seen in that game. Then I went over to Jeff's house to play some more poker, and ended up winning 3 bucks, which I promptly blew at Taco Bell. So thanks Mike & Jeff (the big donators) for that grande soft taco & medium Cherry Pepsi (I love Value Menus).

Ok, now onto hoops. The Final Four was set today, as we all know. We got Illinois vs. Louisville in one semifinal, and North Carolina vs. Michigan State in the other. At this point, I don't see how you can not pick Illinois. They are now 36-1 on the season. We were told that the Big 10 was a weak conference, but they had 3 teams in the Sweet 16, matched only by the ACC, 3 teams in the Elite 8, matched by nobody, and now 2 teams in the Final Four - again, matched by nobody. They certainly played better competition than Louisville (33-4), whose toughest opponent in Conference USA was Cincinnati, who didn't even make the Sweet 16. North Carolina (31-4) has to deal with Roy Williams' perennial March failures (they've already lost one Tournament this March - the ACC Tournament), and Michigan State (26-6) has already lost to Illinois twice. Nobody wants to pick Illinois though - I guess they're too obvious - so here's what you're gonna see. For the next 5 days we'll hear from all the experts how Louisville is going to beat Illinois, and then for the next two after that we'll hear about Carolina is going to beat Illinois, and then after the Final all the pundits will be wondering why nobody was picking the team with one loss that waltzed through the NCAA Tournament as easily as they did the regular season and Big 10 Tournament.

Quick note on the NIT, which I am only interested in because Maryland is playing in it. It looks like the Terps have to be considered the favorites to win this thing, especially after Georgetown bowed out in their bracket's final. They've been playing some really good ball so far in the tourney, albeit at home and against less than stellar competition. One more win (against South Carolina, 7:00 on Tuesday @ MSG) would put them at 20 for the season, and place them in the NIT Final, against probably Memphis, who they already trounced earlier this year. One cannot help but notice that they are playing this way without John Gilchrest, although it is not fair to forget Gilchrest's achievements last season, especially in the ACC Tourney. Also, once again, the Terps have been doing it against Oral Roberts, Davidson, & TCU. These are games they should win with 2 starters in, let alone 4.

One final bit, then I'm off to bed - my dad's alma matter, the Fighting Sioux of the University of North Dakota, have reached their 15th Frozen Four. The Sioux will be after their 8th National Championship. Their Semifinal will be on April 7th against either Minnesota or Cornell on ESPN2. So, if you're suffering from hockey withdrawl, turn on the game and cheer on the Sioux for my dad.

Ok, that's it for now. Hopefully I'll have something interesting to report tommorow evening. Till then - Peace & Love...


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