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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Browsing the New York Times

The major headlines on a Thursday afternoon:

First, Terri Schiavo died today. Contrary to what the Freepers would have you believe, there is no great liberal rejoicing over the death of this woman. What we feel now mostly is relief; relief that her suffering has ended, relief that this part of this ordeal has ended for her husband and family, relief that the wingnuts didn't take the advice of some Repub voices and attempt some sort of bloody insurrection, and relief that this terrible issue can finally go away. If Delay and Company will finally let this issue rest along with Mrs. Schiavo, then I will be happy to never type another word about it. The early results, however, are none too promising (thanks, DK).

Ted Koppel will be leaving Nightline after this year. He'll be joining Dan Rather & Tom Brokaw. Why all these departures at once? My contention is that these once-proud journalists are sick and tired of their profession having become little more than a mouthpiece for BushCo.

Gotta love this headline: "Report Calls U.S. Intelligence 'Dead Wrong' On Iraq Weapons".
Well, no shit. The first sentence, though, is what's really telling: "The American intelligence community was 'dead wrong' about Iraq's weapons arsenal in large part because of an outdated Cold War mentality and a vast, lumbering bureaucracy that continues to shackle dedicated and capable people, a presidential commission said today."
An outdated Cold War mentality, you say? From the same Administration that is still trying to sell us the "Star Wars" missle defense system and the one that has made a Soviet Historian Secretary of State? Get out of town!

Finally, here's a fantastic editorial on the current state of the Republican Party by former Senator and current minister and UN Ambassador John C. Danforth (R) of Missouri. I would love - LOVE - to see what my Repub friends' reactions to this are. Please read and comment...

Ok, enough out of me for now. NIT Final is tonight at 7:00. South Carolina vs. St. Joe's. I'll probably blog afterwards. 'Til then, P&L...


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