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Sunday, March 27, 2005


Couple things to add, now that it's a more reasonable time of day and I'm not falling asleep at my computer.

First, I saw a terrifically interesting documentary last night called Control Room about Al Jazeera, the Arabic news network. It is definately worth a rental, especially if all you know about Al Jazeera is what BushCo wants you to know (which is probably the case - it definately was the case with me). I'm not saying that the documentary isn't biased or slanted in any way; we have to come to grips with the fact that any way we get our information is going to be biased or slanted - news does not happen in a vacuum, and reporters do not live in one. This can be a good thing, however, provided we do not rely on one source or point of view for all of our information. This documentary provides us with another point of view, and it's one that you really ought to have if you want to be able to form well-grounded meaningful opinions on the Middle East region in general and especially on Al Jazeera in particular.

Secondly, and I really don't want to do this, since I think the story is terribly overplayed as it is already, I'm going to go ahead and comment on the Schiavo affair. How these Right-To-Lifers look themselves in the mirror when they get up in the morning is quite beyond me. They plug their heads in the sand, ostrich-like, whenever any evidence comes up showing that we're executing innocent people in this country, and they rail against the Supreme Court when it rules that we should not be the only civilized country on the planet still executing children, but when it comes to euthanzing somebody who is stretching the definiton of "living" to a include a state of limbo from which the patient will never emerge, all of a sudden life becomes sacrosanct. Executing people who were convicted of crimes they did not do = good, removing the feeding tube of somebody who's life is effectively over = bad. It's absolutely crazy, and it's also damn scary. What if you were Ms. Schiavo, or her husband? How wold you like to be married to the woman you loved, then see her through this entire tragedy, make the agonizing decision to end her "life", and then have Congressional leaders call you barbaric.

Which brings me to Mr. DeLay. In 1988, Tom DeLay's father was removed from medical assistance keeping him alive. His father had no living will. He was in a vegetative state. It was, basically, the Schiavo case before there was a Schiavo case - except without the intervention of Congress & the Courts & the Protestors & Everyone Else Making Mr. Schiavo Even More Miserable Than He Already Was. This time, Tom DeLay actually had a reason to have a part in the decision whther or not to keep the patient alive - and he chose not to. If it's his father, let the patient die. If it's your wife, letting the patient die is an act of barbarism. Tom DeLay is a piece of shit. I know this isn't news, but the extent to which he is one grows more and more remarkable by the day. If this is the party of *JESUS*, then I am proud to consider myself not a Christian, as that word has been savagely twisted to mean.


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